1. Uchrashmoq, Tanishmoq (Ingliz tilida dialog)

19.11.2017    1411     Dialoglar

1. Uchrashmoq, Tanishmoq (Ingliz tilida dialog) - Bolalar uchun darslik - o`yin suhbat

Bu darsda bolalar uchun qo`shiqlar va animatsiyalar.
Qiziqarli darslikni tomosha qiling marhamat!

--- Title: Greeting, Introduction ---

Kevin: Oh, it’s John. What’s up John!
John: Hey, great to see you guys.
Anne: We were just talking about you.
Jessica: Where are you from?
John: Oh. I’m from Sweden!
Anne: Wow, Sweden? It’s really far away!
John: Um, it’s not that far, compare to other countries in Europe.
Kevin: Do people speak English in Sweden?
John: No. We use Swedish.
Jessica: But you are really fluent in English!
John: Thanks. My dad is a diplomat, so I grew up in many different countries.
Kevin: Wow! Which country have you been?
John: Umm. Mostly all European countries such as, Germany and France. And Dubai in Middle East. Oh and South Korea in Asia.
Anne: South Korea? That’s where my family come from.
John: Oh really? Korea is an awesome country!
Anne: Right. Really nice to meet you, John!
Kevin: John, are you good at yoyo?
John: Of course! I can do tricks with this!
Kevin: Wow! Nice!

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