5. Express regrets (English Dialogue)

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---Title: Express regrets ---

Roy: What? Is that broken?
John: Yea. A wheel fell out.
Roy: Oh no, you can’t ride it then?
John: I think so too. This skateboard was my precious one!
Roy: Why not giving it to a repair shop? I think they will repair it for you.
John: Well, I wish it would get repaired. Roy, you are not in mood, are you?
Roy: Actually, I messed up on my exam. Why did I take a test without any preparation?
John: What? The genius boy Roy ruined an exam?
Roy: Yes. I got two wrong. I think I should be well prepared next time.
Roy&John: (Sigh.)
John: Hey Kevin, What happened to you. you look really angry.
Kevin: My naughty sister broke my cell phone screen. Look at this!
John: Wow, it really cracked!
Roy: A sister? Mary? She looked very quiet last time I saw her.
Kevin: You don’t know what you are talking, she is such a troublemaker. I will do something about Mary!
Roy: Give it to a service center. They will repair it quickly.
Kevin: I just came back from there, it was closed down.
John: What? Today is a weekday?
Kevin: They were under construction. Oh my goodness! Nothing is working today!
John: Oh no… It’s one of your bad days too. I’m so sorry.
Kevin: Oh no! It’s raining!
Roy: Oh no! We are soaking wet! Let’s quickly get inside.
John: What a horrible day to all of us.

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